Empowering Artists | Honoring Technicians | Engaging Worshippers


Kungpow Production offers a unique approach to AVL design that unlocks creative freedom for artists, honors the energy and commitment of technicians and envelopes and engages the community as they worship their Creator.

We are a trusted vendor with over 25 years of creative ministry experience and production design expertise. We are on a mission to provide sensible technical designs that free your staff and volunteers from the tyranny of the technical.

Over the years we have observed  hundreds of musicians and technicians interact with production equipment and venue staff.  Along the way we’ve experienced the gamut of outcomes from pure bliss to utter despair. We’ve learned the patterns that show up when it’s all working in harmony. And we’d delight in the opportunity to share those patterns with you.


Most churches don’t have a clear strategy or clear outcomes in mind when they go about sorting out their production and staging needs. We stand for a holistic approach to production design, one that keeps the artists, technicians and donors in mind. We stand for:

  1. Production Design that generates freedom for musicians, presenters and staff from the tyranny of the technical.
  2. Production Design that respects and honors technicians, their artistry, time and energy.
  3. Production Design that achieves a careful balance between performance excellence and financial stewardship.
  4. Production Design that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient and sustainable.
  5. Systems that are EASY: Easy to operate. Easy to maintain. Easy to troubleshoot. Easy to train on.