Our Services

So what can we do for you?

Consulting – Bring a voice of empathy and experience to the table. As a facilitator and coach we can help your team  and prioritize their needs and work out the issues. We will then work with your technical and financial leadership to find the right solutions that meet the needs of today AND build into the future your team has envisioned.

Optimization – Often when we first arrive on a site, we realize that the current installed system is a great solution for what was needed at the time of installation, but is not optimized for what is needed today. Many sound systems can be dialed in to perform better. Video and Lighting can be focused to the task at hand. You may not need new gear, you might be able to get whats needed out of your current system when properly optimized by the professionals at Kungpow Production.

Training – Training starts with assessing your current technicians and helping you find the right people to meet your unique creative needs. Your production team should have technical people who can troubleshoot problems and creative people who are driving the audio mix, video direction and lighting looks. Kungpow specializes is designing technical system for artists and training artists to master the key aspects of those systems.

Design – Design solves the problems you face be they Technical, Creative or Financial. Our passion is designing systems that get the outcomes your looking for while considering: your long term vision, creative direction, present and future technical needs budget constraints, and the technical proficiency of your volunteer operators.