About Us

With over 20 years of production design experience, KUNGPOW‘s primary focus continues to be on the design of audio, lighting and visual production for worshiping communities.

As more and more worshipers seek genuine immersive experiences that explore beauty in music, liturgy and visual art, KUNGPOW comes along side with innovative solutions designed to both meet the real world needs, as well as inspire the creativity within your volunteer and professional artists and technical staff.

Through the use of need studies, we will uncover the desired system level outcomes for your artists, technical staff and administration. Armed with this vital information we have successfully designed and installed more than a dozen systems in the US and Canada that have consistently over delivered on expectations, all the while honor- ing our client’s artistic vision, organizational mission and cost considerations.

A Letter from the Owner

Hello, my name is Darrell Smith. I would like to share with you a diverse set of expertise and experience that affords me a unique point of view when considering production equipment for modern worship spaces. In hind-sight, it is clear that the hand of the Lord was on my life from early on, curating a unique set of experiences that has shaped who I am today – a creative technologist.

I was mentored early on to be a servant leader – and so it is has always been a joy to see artists activated to inspire culture and make the world a more beautiful place with their artistry.

This early direction in my life, as well as a solid curiosity in sound and electronics, set me on a path to serve the creative community as a technician. Introspectively I know I wired as an artist and thus feel deeply connected to the creative process and design.
However as a servant leader I don’t feel compelled to be in the spot light, which lends will to supporting the efforts and vision of the artisans in my life.

Along the way I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to serve in many roles
at times as an artist and other as a technician. More recently I’ve been working with a diverse group of manufacturers to design and develop high tech creative tools that honor the creative process and workflow of artists.

All of this is context to my Stand.

I would be honored to dig into the unique challenges and needs of your community.

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me.

With Respect,

Darrell Smith