With over 20 years of production design experience, KUNGPOW’s primary focus continues to be on the design of audio, lighting and visual production for worshiping communities. We work with creative teams to nurture immersive experiences that explore beauty in music, liturgy and visual art. As creative technologists, we design innovative technical solutions to meet real world needs AND unlock the creativity within your volunteer and professional artists as well as your technical staff.

Our design process starts by asking WHY. This important step sets the project up for success as we can help you to clarify your Beliefs, Values and Artistic Vision. The next step is to inventory your technical needs and uncover the system level outcomes desired by your artists, technical staff and administration. Armed with this vital information we will guide you to the right technical solutions that meets your community’s needs, aligns with your beliefs and honors your project constraints. Using Design Thinking methodology we have successfully designed and installed more than two dozen systems in the US and Canada that have consistently over delivered on expectations.