Calvary Spokane

Calvary Spokane

by dsmith on May 7, 2012

What do you do when your technical director departs and know one really knows what all that stuff does?You re-think what’s important.  Empowering an individual to achieve the desired outcome, or designing a system that will empower a community to get it done.

Part one of our work with Calvary was to empower their musician community to handle the Sunday morning mixing duties.  To do that , we first upgrade their behemoth analog console and outboard to a streamlined Soundcraft Vi1, then we trained them in the art and techniques of live sound.

Part two, is a project that currently underway.  We are updating their SD video broadcast system to HD.  What started as a 7 computer kludge of consumer and broadcast gear with endless cabling and trouble, is now a tight HD package built around a Broadcast Pix Mica and Viewcast flash encoder,

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