Put an In-Ear kit together…

A DIY approach to a complete touring in-ear monitor system

Power up your touring in-ear monitor package

You’re an indie band mounting a tour and you want to introduce in-ear monitors to the band and minimize setup time at each gig.  There’s a great technology approach to handling this situation that many regional acts have worked with companies like Tour Supply to design and build out.

If you’re more the DIY type, with a bit of time and some technical background, here’s my shopping list for a complete 6 stereo mix In-Ear kit.  This kit is mean to fly.  It’s heavy, but it’s portable and capable!

  • 2 X Sennheiser G3IEMDIRKIT4  – Antenna splitting system
  • 6 X Sennheiser ew300 IEM G3 – In-ear systems of choice for a regional act
  • Note extra receivers:  Sennheiser EK 300IEM G3
  • Crest X 20RM Rackmount Mixer – this is a 16X12 10U rackmount monitor mixer.  It’s analog AND it rocks, and it’s got a built in mic splitter!
  • Odyssey FZ1006 10U Top 6 UBottom ATA Rack Case
  • 2 X Proco Mt8XFXM20 20′ 8CH XLR Snake – these are the snake’s you’ll use to patch the mic splitter into the XLR snake to FOH
  • Connectronics CTX-16XFXM 16 XLR Feedthru panel – this is really cool way to patch in the microphones on stage.
  • 28 Tecnec XC3XXJ 3′ XLR Cables  – all the xlr you’ll need to build out the rack
  • Furman SS-6B Power Strip – We plug in here
  • Furman AC-215A Power Conditioner – we keep our power clean here
  • Tecnec RG58 25′ Cable – this connects the antenna to the rack
  • Tecnec RG58 5′ Cable – this gets from the feed though to the antenna in
  • Neutric NBB75DFIB-P BNC Feedthough – antenna input for the rack
  • Neutrick NAC3MPA-1 Powercon – power in for the rack
  • Tecnec PWRCN-ACIN-15 Powercon power cable
  • Middle Atlantic UNI-1 Knockout Panel – panel for the BNC and Powercon feed though connectors
We Recommend Westone ES3X Custom In-Ear monitors as a great sounding affordable customer in-ear
Of course you’ll want to travel with your own mic kit to keep that consistant too.
We recommend shure microphones and would be happy to help spec something out for you.
We’d also be happy to pre-build this rack and ship it to you.
Get it touch if we can be of assistance.
Happy touring.
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